Letter #51

Kantor Nielsen

One memorable friend

Rizka Ramses, temen sekantor Nielsen.

I believe that a person is put on this earth to create memories with others, make a mark on the life of each human being they meet and know, no matter how big or small.

My memories of Ardha are a combination of serious conversations, silliness, laughter, and a lot of sarcastic comments being thrown at each other.

He once gave me an advice when I was stupid, when I was about to make one of the biggest mistakes of my life. He put me back on track, realizing what was really important and what was right. He was there when I needed a friend. Not just any friend, but a real friend who not only wanted the best for me, but also bluntly scolded me when I needed to hear the truth, not a soft pat on the back.

He often made me laugh by telling stupid stories or just by doing simple silly things when we were hanging out with our friends. One time he was so happy because he thought he scored THE setlist in a concert by one of our favorite band, the Killers, only to realize the setlist was ripped into two and the other part was taken by an angry looking girl next to him. We all laughed and laughed nonstop that night at his misfortune.

Competitive is one of his traits that sat well with me, being one myself. I remember how determined we were to win at a company outing game when we were put on the same team. He never wanted to show it, always tried to be nonchalant about anything and everything, but he always hated it if he didn’t do his best. Oh yeah, and of course we won that year. We made a great team indeed hahaha.

Our knack for quick witted sarcasm also made us clicked as friends. Sarcasm. It’s a sign of being guarded, I think, in a way. Guarded by the fear of disappointment from opening up to people. My biggest regret was not seeing this early on, how guarded Ardha was and how hurt he must had been in times he was being the most sarcastic. I could have been a better friend to him.

Ardha was as much a family man as I am. My son means the world to me and so was Reya to Ardha. He would do anything for her. Even before Reya was born, Ardha told me that he loved Dita even more because she was about to give him the best gift he would ever received, not knowing how to repay her for that.

Ardha made mistakes, he was mere mortal, a human being with flaws. But I choose not to focus on that, as his presence usually brought joy and fun to the lives he touched. His funeral was a proof of that. So many friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family, came to pay their last respect. That’s just how he was, he lured people into liking him no matter what. I don’t know how he did that.

Thanks for the memories, cuy! I will never forget the silly stories and stupid jokes. The pizza time and dendeng lambok feast. The yelling at each other and laughing it off 2min after because we were being too dramatic.

And to Reya, always be proud to call Ardha Renzulli as your father, as proud as he was each time he talked about you.


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