Letter #50

Kantor Nielsen

Three words about Ardha:

Bright, Brilliant, yet Humble at the same time

Alice Jahja, Ardha’s Team Member in Nielsen CI.

Please kindly let me introduce myself, my name is Alice and I’m proud to call myself a part of Ardha’s core team in Consumer Insights (CI) Nielsen from May 2016 to March 2017. The core team itself during the period had Ardha, myself, Haekal, and Nadia as the latest addition. I tendered my resignation from my role in Nielsen just around 7 weeks before Ardha passed away.

To begin with my story, first & foremost Ardha was a bright & brilliant person among any others. Having been looked up to as the ‘eldest brother’ of the bigger team, he was greatly loved & favored by both his colleagues & clients. He handled & served his accounts really well with both great business recommendations & client-relationships. Most of the accounts that he managed have grown from small-seed projects into well-fruited businesses. Generally, Ardha always carried himself in a true gentleman manners & presented himself as a role model. He always conveyed his messages & what he was trying to say in a polite way, his introverted nature had made him more of a listener & observer than a talker, and therefore he was able to always say the right things at the very right time. He never talked nonsense! To his team, even though he was stubborn and hard to handle sometimes, he was always on our back up, stood by us, believed in our capacities, appreciated our work, and gave honest feedback & recognition when necessary. He never made anyone feel small, never pointed his finger to blame anyone, and he took the time to understand & accommodate our needs.

I still remember meeting one of our big clients and he acclaimed Ardha as one of the rising stars in CI. I was a proud team member & I couldn’t have agreed more with what the client said, even though Ardha himself humbly & politely denied such credits. It’s such a rare combination that someone so amazing & bright could have been humble and down-to-earth at the very same time. “I don’t like being under a spotlight, Lice. I would be more than happy to see anyone else steal the light”, as Ardha told me once. “I would rather be called as a ‘peer-loyalist’ than to stand out or look different from my friends.” I was amazed to see Ardha being content & secure with himself. Unlike many others, he didn’t get so busy throwing himself out there just to convince people of his capabilities. He just simply proved it by showing people he had what it takes and working on his things amazingly. Neither ever he presented himself as the hero. He put values on his teamwork more than anything. He truly is an inspirational leader!

Too many things to share about Ardha and my words would fall short to fully tell the story of all that he has done to me & his team. The impact of his life is beyond words. Still his values at work inspire me personally every single day, especially at times I should make any plans or decisions. I would think, “What would Ardha do if he was seeing this situation? What would he think? What would he say?”, and putting myself in his shoes really helps me to make decisions. I know I wouldn’t be who I am today, with my current capabilities, had I not met Ardha. So much things I have learned & sourced from him. Two years of working in Nielsen under his supervision has served me more experiences than my previous job ever would. Leaving his team was a real tough decision for me, and he knew that really well. I remember telling him that I so looked forward to crossing path with him again in the near future given the right circumstances & opportunities, but apparently God has another plan for him…

My heart greatly mourns over an amazing soul that has gone way too soon. Yes, C.S. Lewis said “A death of a beloved is an amputation”, and I agree that Ardha has taken a part of our hearts away with him which no one could ever replace. No words of consolation would ever heal the wound, but God must have His own reasons, and I’m praying for God’s strength, peace, joy, & confidence to fall upon the whole family to carry on.

Sending my warmest regards to Reya, Ayah & Bunda Ardha, and all of his family members. Memories of Ardha and the messages he carried through his life shall continue to live on. We love you, Ardha! We will greatly miss you!

Yours sincerely, Alice

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